Behind The Name

Emory James is indeed a handmade clothing company with humble beginings in late 2014 after years of just dreaming about it. Growing up in a dance studio and on the stage where Jandyce; the company owner learned poise and refinement. Also a cheerleader back in the day she enjoyed the confidence these activites brought. We all love to be noticed for the right reason, and looking fabulous is certainly a winner!

Inspiration comes from the heart, it comes from what just feels right when it comes to color, architecture, shape and fit! Effortless silhouettes which flatter a women's frame like she's performing her best solo on stage. Clean lines to suit a timeless feel and just enough flare for the refined little girl and boy. A desire for wearing, dressing, and envisioning duds exactly as we like them! Lots of snazz, dazzle, and plenty of charm!

Handmade in Lexington, we (me, my mom and sister) create, make and run this little gem of a company! Every garment is an original we have planned, then discussed and probably got really excited about and shared lots of "Yeahhh", "Oh I love that", "Im not following you", "Oh goodness lets". We believe in well made and timeless pieces for ladies and their littles because dressing well makes you feel good and feeling good shows confidence and confidence is a lifestyle! A line that reflects the women behind the brand; polished, fun, sexy, sweet and just like you!



                                                                                   Jandyce, Jamye, Janel