Throwback Halloween

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Ever since I can remember my mom made our Halloween costumes. Buying a costume in the store just didn't happen! One reason is I grew up in a dance studio, costumes were plentiful in our home. Another reason is our mom is seamstress; she could whip a costume together the night before! 

I can't lie, at times I really wanted a store bought know! Just to be regular like everyone else like all other hormonal preteens wanted! But I was always excited to see my costume visions come to life and the sounds of the sewing machine! 

Circa 1993 my mom constructed troll costumes, I believe it was my idea. Pretty sure I wanted to get in the FORD taurus, purchase a troll costume from a store and return home. Momma had her own agenda that included a fabric store run mixed with arts and crafts!! She WON!!! 

Well, do you remember how insanely popular trolls were in the 90's? I had trolls that traveled with me to dance class at Diana Evans in my dance bag, troll folders, keychain, and troll earrings that I talked my Daddy into buying during a school book fair! Yall, I actually wore those earrings A LOT!!! So anyway, my collection included trolls with hair of every color, trolls, with jewels as belly buttons, and maybe a troll with an earring unless that earring was my own doing which is very likely! I was known to cut my barbies bald, give them buzz cuts and color their blond hair brown, and cut strips of fabric to create dresses for them! I very well may have forced an old earring in the trolls ear!!! 

So, the costume was excellent looking back but at the time I was about 5'7" wearing a stuffed flesh colored long sleeve one piece that I could barely walk in and forget about raising my arms up and also forget it if you had an itch! I always itched, I still have the same problem with many fabrics but imagine a big skin tone snow suit decked out with electric pink hair aka fur and a giant pink gemstone as my navel lololol! So, the headpiece was made of the same material, we put it on like a helmet and yes sir, it was adorned with big gnome like ears! Ive got to find a picture of us lololol Mom made my little sister a matching costume/torture chamber but with purple accents! The costumes were a huge hit and maybe she still has them in a closet someplace! I'll have to do some digging for those pictures. They really were practical for the cold treat or treating night and we were so cool to have custom costumes!!!!! 

Anyway, heres tiny sprinkle of costumes my mom has made! These really don't do her Justice however the story was worth telling in the name of Halloween! Let us know about your most memorable costume or troll memory! 

Lioness.             Alvin.                   Minions 

Beetlejuice.                 Prince Charming 

Cat woman.                DeeDee Doodlebop 


This year I was last minute, ran to my parents house and found the Raggedy Anne costume my mom made for Janel years prior I told there's no shortage of costumes at home)I had the wig at home for whatever reason and so this black power raggedy Anne was born! 





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