These are a few of my favorite things! December 04 2017

Goodness gracious, we had a busy few weeks in kentucky and enjoyed every second of it! We enjoyed meeting you all and thank you for supporting Emory James!  Your purchases, your hellos, social media shares, and just chatting about us to your friends and means the world! 

Now that it's Monday night and I'm sorting through our agenda, a glass of Egg Nog sounds glorious! You know how soo many people look forward to pumpkin spice flavored everything as soon as fall approaches? Its gone main stream, global, pumpkin face masks and can you believe I saw pumkpin cooking oil in the clearance section at the grocery last Saturday?! When is it okay to say you've gone over board with pumpkin? Maybe the cooking oil has been around for ages and Im the only soul who never knew it was a thing! Anyway, my mom is a pumpkin spice queen! 

I've rambled; my point is I look forward to glasses of egg nog and peppermint ice cream every Christmas season! Last month I tried something new.....Apple Pie flavored Egg Nog. Now, depending on your pallet you'e going to either love it or hate. My taste buds are similar to those of a 5 year old. Uncomplicated flavors, extra sweet and don't pressure me to try something that doesn't make since. For example, I would never eat cream corn or sweet potato pie. Corn isn't grown creamy and potatoes aren' supposed to be sweet so no thanks! Lolol Back to the Egg Nog; if you love sweet, decadent deserts go buy a carton. Ive tried it but stucking by my traditional Egg Nog which is rather pricey so drink responsibly and if you enjoy a bit of rum... the Egg Nog bar is OPEN, spike up the Nog! 

Let me quickly tell you about peppermint ice cream! Just as my love for watermelon is quenched each summer I only indulge in Santa's Porridge  (peppermint ice cream) from December to January before it's hidden away in the vaults. December 2009 I hosted a peppermint milkshake party for my daughter (the Emory of Emory James) as a last celebration before her brothers (the James of Emory James) December 26th arrival. Needless to say both my kids LOVE Egg Nog & Peppermint ice cream! This sweet treat is inspiration for our Mayline Red Romper, isn't it sooo stinkin cute? 



If you plan to serve either of these I'm coming over! If you know of some cool Egg Nog or Peppermint product please share the details, I really must know!! 

Final note:

📍Audrina Lae Pants Pre-Sale ends December 9th. Read the description for details.

📍Order your Mile Long Leggings, text me the night before you plan to wear yours and I'll wear mine too! #twining