Spilling Beans and Keeping Up October 27 2017

Hello hello! I'd like to say thank you for taking a moment to engage in this adventure with me! I started this blog at the same time as the website however, I rarely used it as you can see. Time to revamp this blog and make it something great! 

Instead of posting exclusively Emory James events, happenings, sales, I'll make this more of a lifestyle blog 📖 Meaning, I'm going to delve into who we are, our favorite products, the design process, our wish lists, crazy occurrences, home renovations, fitness journeys, and literally anything you can think of! I want you to come here and feel like you know exactly who's behind the brand and connect with us so we can connect with you! I want it to be fun, and give you plenty of hearty belly laughs; we could all use more of that medicine!😘😘

In the MySpace days I created a blog called Interesting Facts About Me Daily....it was wildly well received. Couldnt believe how many people looked forward to the posts and with that in mind along with the countless nudges I receive to blog.....Lets roll!! Looking back, I absolutely looked forward to creating a new post daily. I hope to have Jamye (my mom) and Janel (my sister) make posts as well! This is going to be wild I'm sure! 

Jamye ~ J.M.W 

Janel ~ J.M.W 

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Jandyce ~ J.L.W