Pow! January 18 2017


We are kicking off the New Year with a pretty sweet contest posted to our Facebook page. If you haven't LIKED our Facebook page you'll need to do that immediately after reading this! Use the Facebook icon on the main page under Social Media below the blog posts.

So here's what I can tell you; Go to our Facebook page ( Lol I said that already); if you keep up with the fashion industry and trends one of the hottest looks for Spring/ Summer 2017 is a peep shoulder!

Share the post with your friends, tag your friends, do it often because somebody will WIN a custom dress!! Like honestly, who doesn't love to win? Who doesn't love custom? Who doesn't love new clothes? Who doesn't love sharing cuteness with their followers? Who doesn't love looking amazing?

I can answer MEEEE to each of these, bet you can too!!