Egg Cartons and Glitter

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Easter this year is March 27th, do you and your family have fun plans or any traditions you hold near and dear?! Each year my family (mom-Jamye, dad-Bobby, sister-Janel) drove across town in our mini van to Gainesway Dr. to my grandparents house! I looked forward to Meme (Charlesmarie) and Pepa's (James) house on this day!

Side track: the enfatuation with deviled eggs on easter is beside me, I don't eat egg yolk and have never tried a deviled egg but they look yuck!(baby James Braxton)

Anyway, our Easter egg hunts on Gainesway Dr were the absolute BEST! They were the best for a few reasons. My moms siblings were either living in Lexington, Pennsylvania or California which meant I had very few cousins here in town to tackle when it came to collecting eggs in my basket! On a few occasions our cousins from Meme's side would be there but it was no biggie because I was older and faster than them! Meme and Pepa had a huge yard and it was great for hiding eggs with there being a shed, a big deck and trees. The eggs were almost always filled with money yall! Dolla bills yall!! My sister and I are almost 6 years apart so she was slow, cute, and oblivious to the value of those eggs! Some eggs were filled with candy and she wanted those naturally.

This picture was taken in the corner of the deck in my grandparents house. Pepa built that deck which is still on the house to this day. I think this was circa 1993. The floral romper my mom is wearing, pretty sure she had a few of these in different prints! My little sister and I in our floral drop waist dresses with huge bib collars and lots of lace, yup 1993 in your face!Heres a more recent family picture of the Wilkerson's!

Now, we know Easter isn't about the egg hunts and deviled eggs but that's what I'm talking about today! The real reason for the day we will discuss in a later post. So again what are your Easter memories or traditions, we really want to know!

(Jadyn Emory)

And what about decorating those eggs? Do you hide the real eggs along with the plastic eggs, do you hide eggs at all? Do you buy those little egg dye kits where the flimsy cardboard box somehow is supposed to turn into an egg hold tray, the visual implies an eye roll! Or do you get all crafty and scour Pinterest for the latest jazzed up egg tutorials? I'll admit, I typically have high hopes of winning 1st place in the imaginary Egg Decorating Contest with my DIY skills but I end up letting my kids pick out what they want and decorate the eggs to their specifications! Finally, how long do you folks hang on to those eggs lol?

I most certainly plan to have 1 or 2 of these eggs!

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