Spring, Lemonade, and Blooms! Well sort of but it sounds good!

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Can you believe it? March 20th is the 1st day of SPRING, Ohh how we have missed thou. So some of you may know that I work part time at a fitness studio called Orangetheory Fitness (great workout, come try a class with me) and the girls; Allison, Bri, and Brooke and I were talking about flowers!

As I keep growing older I find joy in simple things like flowers; never thought that day would come lol

Let me introduce you to:

Meet Allison shes from up north, loves the Buttercup. I had never heard of this flower. As Allsion is describing it she mentions something about placing the flower under you chin to see if your chin turns yellow which meant you liked butter......umm again no clue what shes talking about but sounds like a childhood "myth" Like when I was in preschool we would suck on honeysuckles in an attempt to extract real honey lolol real live worker bees! After a quick Google search (thank goodness for google) we ran across this:

The name buttercup may derive from a false belief that the plants give butter its characteristic yellow hue (in fact it is poisonous to cows and other livestock). A popular children's game involves holding a buttercup up to the chin; a yellow reflection is supposed to indicate fondness for butter.[3]supposed to indicate fondness for butter.[3]She was RIGHT! Who knew there was such a thing.

Next we have BriShe loves the Tiger Lily (of course she would, shes got a great head full of the thickest red hair)

Even though many parts of the tiger lily are edible by people, the pollen is toxic, causing sleepiness and vomiting. Every part of this lily is poisonous to cats. Tiger lilies are highly tolerant to plant diseases and viruses and tend to carry the infections without showing many symptoms. They pass the plant disease on to other lilies planted nearby.

Again, who KNEWWW?! This flower is beautiful, now that I know parts of it are poisonous I find myself saying, "yeah it looks dangerous"

Finally my favorite is the peony. Oddly enough as a child my parents had 2 big bushes of pale pink peonies in our backyard flower garden (I used to call the shade of pink English princess pink}. They were in close proximity to my swingset. Do you see where this is headed?

The peony buds would attract gobs of ants. Drove me crazy and Im slightly obsessive; plucking the ants off was tedious but I couldn't help myself. Once the ant plucking commenced nothing else mattered.

Now, all this talk of flowers has me tickled with anticipation of consistant sunshine and pretty blooms! I could sit on the back porch, sip lemonade while I stop to smell the peonis but truth is I don't garden. I usually end up killing plants, unless I pick up a bouquet for myself or receive one there wont be any porch lemonade sipping while gazing at my beautiful flower bed.

My mom aka Emory James seamstress has the green thumb! She loves to garden and puts together the best flower pot arrangements. She's known for stopping by your house while you're away to pull up weeds, plant flowers, remove dead debris and my dad is always there to weed eat and mow the lawn! Plenty of times I've pulled up to my house to a glorious yard!!!

Last but not least is Brooke!

"whats your favorite flower Brooke?"

"Umm I don't really have one the only time I care about flowers are when my husband gives them to me and even then its still ehhh"

Lololol ok thank you for the interview Brooke WOOO! Brooke is one of the Orangetheory Trainers and she lets out a WOOOH, COME ON  a few times during class, I LOVE it when she does that!

Happy Spring Yall!


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