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Posted by emory James on

A little Tuesday humor because who doesn't love to laugh! (If you're reading our blog and wanting to know about the mommy and me fur vest deal you'll want to read the previous entry!)

So, I'm looking on Facebook trying to network when I come across an article about man buns. You all know I'm obsessed with the man bun. On weekends my 5 year son wears a man bun! You either love them or hate them and that's fine either way. Most guys grow their hair long enough to achieve this look. Well well well, short hair men are now in luck! Groupon is offering man buns for a small price of $9.99! Are you dying yet? Various shades of hair faux clip on man buns! I suppose if you're reluctant to commit to growing your hair out but really want that bun here's your shot! I'm not saying we won't notice but like Eminem said "opportunity comes once in a lifetime" and something tells me you better jump on this horse now or miss your ride!

Im considering this a great puchase for a secret santa gift or white elephant christmas! So, ill have 1 please! Take a look by copying the link below and have a great Tuesday!




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  • Too funny. Chet Tony and I were just checking these out on the TV with Cathy Lee and Regis on the today show. Of course we laughed as Cathy Lee rubber band one on Regis. But truthfully US women can go from 2" long hair to 30" in a matter of minutes.

    Momma on

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