Fashion Influencer Guidelines / Wholesale July 13 2018

Are you a social media influencer wanting to collaborate? Do you wish to offer our garments in your boutique?

Like a true Southern Belle May 03 2018

Lately, thoughts of tea parties or dinner parties have danced in my head

Shades of Purple-Color of the Year March 30 2018

Pantone has pinned ultra violet as the color of the year for 2018! They profess the days of nude, oatmeal, and millennial pink are long gone. They describe ultra violet as, "dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade that communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking"

While being trendy isn't our thing because we believe style and grace run the test of time, you can have a bit of fun by adding some touches of purple to your closet that will run the test of time! Make a statement and draw inspiration from these ideas!

Bow Tie 101 March 19 2018

Bow Tie 101

FREE SHIPPING and Pretty Elixir March 08 2018

Pretty Elixir does a body good!

These are a few of my favorite things! December 04 2017

Goodness gracious, we had a busy few weeks in kentucky and enjoyed every second of it! We enjoyed meeting you all and thank you for supporting Emory James!  Your purchases, your hellos, social media shares, and just chatting about us to your friends and means the world! 

Now that it's Monday night and I'm sorting through our agenda, a glass of Egg Nog sounds glorious! You know how soo many people look forward to pumpkin spice flavored everything as soon as fall approaches? Its gone main stream, global, pumpkin face masks and can you believe I saw pumkpin cooking oil in the clearance section at the grocery last Saturday?! When is it okay to say you've gone over board with pumpkin? Maybe the cooking oil has been around for ages and Im the only soul who never knew it was a thing! Anyway, my mom is a pumpkin spice queen! 

I've rambled; my point is I look forward to glasses of egg nog and peppermint ice cream every Christmas season! Last month I tried something new.....Apple Pie flavored Egg Nog. Now, depending on your pallet you'e going to either love it or hate. My taste buds are similar to those of a 5 year old. Uncomplicated flavors, extra sweet and don't pressure me to try something that doesn't make since. For example, I would never eat cream corn or sweet potato pie. Corn isn't grown creamy and potatoes aren' supposed to be sweet so no thanks! Lolol Back to the Egg Nog; if you love sweet, decadent deserts go buy a carton. Ive tried it but stucking by my traditional Egg Nog which is rather pricey so drink responsibly and if you enjoy a bit of rum... the Egg Nog bar is OPEN, spike up the Nog! 

Let me quickly tell you about peppermint ice cream! Just as my love for watermelon is quenched each summer I only indulge in Santa's Porridge  (peppermint ice cream) from December to January before it's hidden away in the vaults. December 2009 I hosted a peppermint milkshake party for my daughter (the Emory of Emory James) as a last celebration before her brothers (the James of Emory James) December 26th arrival. Needless to say both my kids LOVE Egg Nog & Peppermint ice cream! This sweet treat is inspiration for our Mayline Red Romper, isn't it sooo stinkin cute? 



If you plan to serve either of these I'm coming over! If you know of some cool Egg Nog or Peppermint product please share the details, I really must know!! 

Final note:

📍Audrina Lae Pants Pre-Sale ends December 9th. Read the description for details.

📍Order your Mile Long Leggings, text me the night before you plan to wear yours and I'll wear mine too! #twining


💋 JLW 

See you real soon!! November 13 2017

We love this time of year! It's the season of giving, laughter, and joy and we have lots of NEW things to tickle your fancy! LEXINGTON, our booth will be set up:

                                Friday 6pm - 9:30pm   &   Saturday 9am - 2pm

                                                  Christ the King School

                                       412 Cochran Rd Lexington, KY 40502

Come mingle with friends, enjoy the beer & wine cash bar while you shop Emory James! New pieces for little girls, lots of gorgeous pieces for ladies and bowties and ties galore for men down to the tiniest boy! There will also be a sample sale on previous collections. Click the link for a list of vendors and details on how to win a $75 gift card to the Tulip!




Throwback Halloween November 01 2017

Ever since I can remember my mom made our Halloween costumes. Buying a costume in the store just didn't happen! One reason is I grew up in a dance studio, costumes were plentiful in our home. Another reason is our mom is seamstress; she could whip a costume together the night before! 

I can't lie, at times I really wanted a store bought know! Just to be regular like everyone else like all other hormonal preteens wanted! But I was always excited to see my costume visions come to life and the sounds of the sewing machine! 

Circa 1993 my mom constructed troll costumes, I believe it was my idea. Pretty sure I wanted to get in the FORD taurus, purchase a troll costume from a store and return home. Momma had her own agenda that included a fabric store run mixed with arts and crafts!! She WON!!! 

Well, do you remember how insanely popular trolls were in the 90's? I had trolls that traveled with me to dance class at Diana Evans in my dance bag, troll folders, keychain, and troll earrings that I talked my Daddy into buying during a school book fair! Yall, I actually wore those earrings A LOT!!! So anyway, my collection included trolls with hair of every color, trolls, with jewels as belly buttons, and maybe a troll with an earring unless that earring was my own doing which is very likely! I was known to cut my barbies bald, give them buzz cuts and color their blond hair brown, and cut strips of fabric to create dresses for them! I very well may have forced an old earring in the trolls ear!!! 

So, the costume was excellent looking back but at the time I was about 5'7" wearing a stuffed flesh colored long sleeve one piece that I could barely walk in and forget about raising my arms up and also forget it if you had an itch! I always itched, I still have the same problem with many fabrics but imagine a big skin tone snow suit decked out with electric pink hair aka fur and a giant pink gemstone as my navel lololol! So, the headpiece was made of the same material, we put it on like a helmet and yes sir, it was adorned with big gnome like ears! Ive got to find a picture of us lololol Mom made my little sister a matching costume/torture chamber but with purple accents! The costumes were a huge hit and maybe she still has them in a closet someplace! I'll have to do some digging for those pictures. They really were practical for the cold treat or treating night and we were so cool to have custom costumes!!!!! 

Anyway, heres tiny sprinkle of costumes my mom has made! These really don't do her Justice however the story was worth telling in the name of Halloween! Let us know about your most memorable costume or troll memory! 

Lioness.             Alvin.                   Minions 

Beetlejuice.                 Prince Charming 

Cat woman.                DeeDee Doodlebop 


This year I was last minute, ran to my parents house and found the Raggedy Anne costume my mom made for Janel years prior I told there's no shortage of costumes at home)I had the wig at home for whatever reason and so this black power raggedy Anne was born! 




Spilling Beans and Keeping Up October 27 2017

Hello hello! I'd like to say thank you for taking a moment to engage in this adventure with me! I started this blog at the same time as the website however, I rarely used it as you can see. Time to revamp this blog and make it something great! 

Instead of posting exclusively Emory James events, happenings, sales, I'll make this more of a lifestyle blog 📖 Meaning, I'm going to delve into who we are, our favorite products, the design process, our wish lists, crazy occurrences, home renovations, fitness journeys, and literally anything you can think of! I want you to come here and feel like you know exactly who's behind the brand and connect with us so we can connect with you! I want it to be fun, and give you plenty of hearty belly laughs; we could all use more of that medicine!😘😘

In the MySpace days I created a blog called Interesting Facts About Me was wildly well received. Couldnt believe how many people looked forward to the posts and with that in mind along with the countless nudges I receive to blog.....Lets roll!! Looking back, I absolutely looked forward to creating a new post daily. I hope to have Jamye (my mom) and Janel (my sister) make posts as well! This is going to be wild I'm sure! 

Jamye ~ J.M.W 

Janel ~ J.M.W 

Subscribe to the emails and blog to receive notification that a new post is available! Today is a good day and not because I'm being driven around Pittsburgh in a luxury vehicle.....ok well Yeah that makes a difference!  ❤

Jandyce ~ J.L.W 

Spring.Chambray.Bows April 20 2017



Here at Emory James Clothing we absolutely love love bows! As the saying goes, the bigger the better! As we roll out new cute designs I was reflecting on a pink shoe I owned a few years ago. The Bow Sandal by Aminah Abdul Jillil is the perfect sandal! Literally goes with any and everything no matter what youre wearing or where you're going! I think we'd all feel pretty in a blush color or nude bow flat to pair with our Carson Ruffle Top!



Its Spring, chambray is super cool, and bows are like icing on cake! While downtown Pittsburgh we were able to snap some great shots of Jadyn, ok wait! Lets talk about Jadyn! 5'10" and legs for miles.


She isn't wearing the Bow Sandals but boy would they look awesome. She is wearing the luxury chambray Carson Ruffle in a size small and the sillk North Shore Splendor Bowtie

This top spans many ages.... Us spring chickadees (30 somethings) enjoy effortless classics with a flare and the younger girls like Jadyn would look adorable as we all know its so tough to find great pieces for tweens.

. The preppy look but definitely all Emory James!

See ya real soon,


Valentine's Day Sale! February 12 2017

I don't think we need to say much, we love you guys! We put our heart and soul into Emory James so here's a toast to you to celebrate this day of love!

Pow! January 18 2017


We are kicking off the New Year with a pretty sweet contest posted to our Facebook page. If you haven't LIKED our Facebook page you'll need to do that immediately after reading this! Use the Facebook icon on the main page under Social Media below the blog posts.

So here's what I can tell you; Go to our Facebook page ( Lol I said that already); if you keep up with the fashion industry and trends one of the hottest looks for Spring/ Summer 2017 is a peep shoulder!

Share the post with your friends, tag your friends, do it often because somebody will WIN a custom dress!! Like honestly, who doesn't love to win? Who doesn't love custom? Who doesn't love new clothes? Who doesn't love sharing cuteness with their followers? Who doesn't love looking amazing?

I can answer MEEEE to each of these, bet you can too!!